The Study Abroad Truth

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“A book enthusiastically recommended to any student planning to study abroad… captures the essence of maximizing the international experience beyond the classroom…”

Director of Study Abroad Program for Loyola University Chicago School of Law

“Studying abroad will expand your worldview, help you develop more confidence in yourself, and bring you closer to friends both old and new. The possibilities are truly endless…”



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“The book lays out everything you may need to know, from packing to hanging out with the locals to creating a budget that works for you. I highly recommend this book to make the most of your experience- you'll get insight that will open your eyes in a whole new way and allow you to get everything you can out of living in a foreign place!”

~ Grace E.

“From having the right mindset, knowing what risks and benefits to watch out for, budgeting, and making your own itinerary, authors LaVallie & O'Bryan deliver with thoughtful prose and anecdotes throughout.”

~ Dr. Natalia M.